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A mothers love
An art project I had to do, its colored with crayon pastels.

What ya think?
A quote from avian
First time drawing him manga style, mildly disappointed it didn't have his vibe
Wolfgang Alexander Flame
This is a really old character of mine, and one of my first well developed orginal spieces, the Ni Ri Wa "Two souled".
Spieces facts:
They're very much wolf like, but they have longer necks, narrower muzzles with longer tails than a usual wolf and they have needle sharp talons that are always out when in their wolf form. 
They relied heavily on humans to reproduce, they could not reproduce with each other "Full Bloods", as the child would come out sickly and usually pass before the age of 10, or they would be born human, unable to continue on the family line. 
They can live to be 150-200 years old. 

They originate from the area of Japan and the area inside of china. Having houses that had power and no monarch. Which the houses of power fluctuated constantly so a house usually never stayed a house of power for many generations. Very polite and graceful they were very formal and showing no affection to anyone unless they were their life mate/desired life mate or child. 
*Note* If a life mate passed on peacefully they would be devastated but able to live on life never taking another partner. However if the life mate was murdered they would be crippled often commiting suicide if that happened. Even if they had children, it would only delay their suicide date. 
It would also be near crippling to reject them if they desired you as a life mate as they don't usually show affection, so when they do they let you in and open their heart up. it would be even more devastating if you lead them on and then rejected them. They follow an instinct when it comes to life mates and often it doesn't follow looks or power. 
With a desired life mate, if rejected, the wolf soul shuts down for a time and can recover but not fully. When the wolf shuts down human soul gets sick.
A child parent bond is like a life mate bond.
They raise their children with tenderness and sternness no human could ever match. And the children rely on them until the ages between 28-33 years old. 
If they loose their parents at:
1-5: They'll die of sickness
6-11: They'll live but be severely traumatized
12-28-33: they'll most likely suicide

Also, when the human accepts them as a life mate they become halflings in order to have a child who would be a Ni Ri Wa, and they can shift but their Ni Ri Wa form is less powerful and smaller than the average Ni Ri Wa

They are called "two souled" for the fact they are like a creature living inside a human body. Though the presence of the wolf doesn't affect the human mind, but the human can sense when the wolf is getting restless, and they must shift on a daily basis so if they haven't shifted and the wolf gets to restless it will shift for them forcing them into the shift.

Their fur and eye color as their wolf form, match those to what their human hair and eyes are.
Wolfgang is the last of the Ni Ri Wa, the reason is over the  years the Ni Ri Wa had difficulty reproducing as humans began to deny them as life mates more and more often. So less and less children were born per year, and houses died out all together. As well as entire houses would die in a night, due to being assassinated under the guise of being a 'demon' and the humans ideals to purge anything monster like. The humans often ignoring the nature of the Ni Ri Wa to further their advances to being them to extinction. Wolfgang's father was one of the last of his house, and one of the last of the family's left. When the other two families disappeared in a few nights, he went into hiding. After going to a long time family friend and a family that had protected his house over the years, and took him to america Where he met a young lady whom he fell for, and with time asked her to be his life mate. She accepted, but her family disowned her for taking him as a life mate seeing as he wasn't human.

As the years passed, they moved around a good deal and they had a child. Wolfgang, who his mother named after her favorite painter, who had white hair, and orange eyes but after a few weeks the background of his orange eyes turned brown and only around the pupil did it stay orange. They raised him along side the family friend so the pain of loss if/when they would they would be murdered would be less. 

Which indeed happened as they knew it would happen. Wolfgang had been late returning from playing with his friend, but had tried to hurry back when he could feel the threads of the bond they had snapping. Signaling a traumatic death, he was 8 at the time, but he was to far out so when he actually got back all he could see was police cars and a crime scene fit for a horror film. A few dead assaultants who had bore the marks of being attacked by a wolf like creature, and his parents dead only a few feet away from one another, every room in the house had blood splatters. To this day he is still traumatized and has nightmares where he can see how they died. And who did it, what happened, all due to how they'd been ripped away from him. 

His human form is 6'4, 6'5, white longish hair, and a pale Asian skin tone, as his father had the usual Asian skin tone, and his mother white. His eyes brown background and orange around the pupil.
He is 18 years old
Dog is a black cat with blue eyes.
He's avians companion though his story is rather unknown.
New OC: boulder
Species: mudwing from wings of fire
Again not my species boulder is mine but his kind of creature isn't. Plz read the books they're awesome.

Schools back off of break so his color form might be later
Today I got home from school excited to be able to make it in time to be there to go with my bird Sammy to the vet as he'd been sitting on the bottom of his cage, and would just fluff up and not move. He'd also been sneezing.

But that didn't happen today. Today I came home to see my step father in the porch. And he held his arms up, and said come here and give me a hug. I'm so sorry.
I was very confused and refused saying. Just tell me. Eventually after a minute of circling around the bush until I gave in and allowed him to.
Where he then stepped back and couldn't look me in the eyes saying. Oh god I'm so sorry. Sammy's gone. He went over the rainbow bridge.

Which I was immediately distraught about. I'd only had him three weeks. He was 14 weeks old this week.
And he I asked. How?

He said the feeder door was open, and Sammy had gotten out and the new foster dog we got the day before, ricos. Somehow it was open even though I closed it but it could have been due to that possibly Sammy had been sitting on his cage floor and then the dog came in and started barking. Spooking him and the cage has high plastic walls where he has trouble climbing up. And only one of his clipped wings had grown in, as I was letting them grow out. The other side hadn't been growing out, and then possibly his flapping could have cause the feeder door to fall open where he got out and the dog got him. We aren't sure.

The dog hasn't been on muzzle or a leash or been watched which my mom said my stepdad to watch her, or to keep a leash on her. And keep her muzzle on. (I'm not mad at the dog. I'm just upset at the death of Sammy. As I am/was emotionally attached to him. He provided a routine in my life that helped keep me stable and keep my work up even provide me companionship while I was doing boring work.)

I don't know what to feel it's just this feeling of sadness and numbness at the same time and I can't help but feel this guilt. As this morning after I gave him some attention he wanted out and I left my room and he was chirping for me. And I said bye Sammy, I'll take you out later!  Only then to come home to him slaughtered and now sitting in a shoe box in my outdoor fridge. I looked at him and nearly broke down again but my mom came out and I hate to cry in front of her.

I'm at a delima. I hate seeing his stuff in my room and I need to clean the blood stains out of my carpet. But at the same time. I don't want to move it, i don't want to accept the fact he's gone. He was my other baby, and this was exactly what I was worried about something happening to him.

The photo was taken yesterday night.

Hey *note depressing/sad* by Ghostray567


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I can take commisions if you want, they might be delayed, but~ I'd still do em'. :3


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